Proofreading for Type I Errors: Practice 2 Answer Key

Read the following paragraph and determine whether each sentence is correct, is a fragment, has a subject/verb agreement error, includes a comma splice, or is a fused sentence.  No sentence includes more than one error.

1. The Internet can be a great source of information for students who are doing
     research, however, the information on the Internet is not regulated.
     Comma Splice
2. Anyone can post information that is intentionally or unintentionally inaccurate
    or misleading anyone can create his or her own Web page.  Fused
3.  There is  information on aging, information on cancer, information on health,
     and information on weight loss.  Subject/verb Agreement (Compound 
     Subjects; the verb should be "are.")
4. The Alcoholics Anonymous Web site and the National Institute on Alcohol
    Abuse and Alcoholism site provides information related to alcohol abuse. 
    Subject/verb agreement (Compound Subjects; the verb should be provide.)
5. Looking for information on pregnancy and childbirth? Fragment
6.  Not hard to find on the Internet.  Fragment
7. Labor and Birth Resources (a good Web site) provide information on the
    different types of pain medications available to mothers. Subject/verb
    Agreement (The verb should be provides; the subject is a singular Web site.)
8.  Interested in weight loss?  Fragment
9. Try Overeaters Anonymous.  Correct (The subject is understood--"You.")
10.  Another good site that include assessment tools is Cyberdiet.  Subject/verb
       Agreement ("That" refers to site, so the verb "include" should be singular,

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