Proofreading for Type I Errors: Practice 3 Answer Key

Read the following paragraph and determine whether each sentence is correct, is a fragment, has a subject/verb agreement error, includes a comma splice, or is a fused sentence.  No sentence includes more than one error.  Corrections for subject/verb agreement errors are highlighted in yellow.

1.  There are a number. (Subject/verb agreement)
2.  Some of these factors cannot be changed.  (Correct)
3.  Increasing age, male gender, and heredity are a few.  (Subject/verb)
4.  According to health sources, six risk factors are related to our own choices in
     lifestyle, these include smoking, activity level, cholesterol level, blood
     pressure, weight, and diabetes.  Comma Splice
5. Many smokers believe that if you have smoked for years, there is no benefit in
    quitting the damage has been done.  (Fused sentence)
6. This belief, however, is incorrect.  (Correct)
7.  According to the American Heart Association, one's risk of heart disease
     declines rapidly after one quits smoking. (Correct)
8.  Another changeable factor related to heart disease is lack of regular exercise.
9. Physical activity, including walking, swimming, or jogging, helps lower
    cholesterol levels and encourages weight loss. (Subject/verb)
10.  Another risk factor for heart disease is stress.  (Correct)
11. Especially unresolved stress over an extended period of time. (Fragment)
12.  Those who cannot cope with stress are more likely to develop harmful
      lifestyles that contribute to heart disease, they may smoke, become inactive,
      or eat fatty foods.  (Comma splice)
13.  Take control of your heart.  (Correct)
14. Before it is too late. (Fragment)

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