Roadrunner Alert

Introducing Roadrunner Alert...

College campuses are safe places, but emergencies and disasters do occur. Dalton State College is committed to keeping the campus community as safe as possible through effective communication prior to, during and following emergencies. Roadrunner Alert is Dalton State College's emergency notification system. It allows College officials to send critical information to the campus community through the use of text messages, voice messages, and emails. 

It is important to update your emergency contact information in the Roadrunner Portal so that Roadrunner Alerts are sent to the correct phone numbers and/or email addresses. 

In order to update information for Roadrunner Alerts:

  1. Log into the Roadrunner Portal
  2. Click 'Personal Information,' under Banner.
  3. Under 'Emergency Contact', Click 'Edit Emergency Contacts' or 'Add New'.
  4. Update or add your information. 
  5. In the drop-down menu under 'Relationships' click on Roadrunner Alert (voice call) or Roadrunner Text. (You must choose one of these to receive messages). 
  6. Enter the primary phone number where you can be reached in the event of an emergency.
  7. Click 'Update' or 'Add' as applicable.


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