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David DesRochers

David DesRochers

Associate Professor of Biology

Peeples Hall
Room 224
650 College Dr. Dalton, GA 30720

Office Hours

My 2019 Fall Semester student-hours are on Monday and Wednesday: 2:30–4 and Tuesday and Thursday: 10–11 and by appointment. These are hours for you to hang out, ask questions, and talk about cool biology stuff.




Ph.D. Tufts University (2010)
M.A. The College of William and Mary (2003)
B.A. - Saint Anselm College (2000)


My teaching interests include conservation biology, ornithology (the study of birds!), ecology, environmental science, and general biology.  One of my primary goals in teaching is to connect students to the natural world because in this technologically advanced age, we are growing more disconnected from the natural world.  As a result, I am very interested in getting students to think critically about the environment and how our actions can influence the world around us – for better or worse.

My background is in bird ecology and conservation.  I particularly am interested in factors that influence species’ distributions and limit population sizes.  In my research, I have explored how different biotic factors (e.g., competitors and habitat configuration) and abiotic factors (e.g., hydrology and soil quality) influence numbers of three endangered and endemic waterbirds in Hawaii. I also have explored island-mainland evolutionary patterns in the 12 subspecies of one particular bird species – the Common Moorhen. Other Hawaiian research has involved different aspects of the ecology of the endangered Hawaiian Moorhen, including molt, limitation of numbers by food energy, and breeding. Additional research includes exploring the reliance of endangered species on conservation initiatives and the threat that climate change poses to shorebirds in North America.

If any students are interested in learning more about conservation and birds and getting involved in research, then please contact me.

Course Name/Overview

Course Name Course Overview
BIOL 3000 - Research Methods in Biology BIOL 3000 - Research Methods_Syllabus_Fall 2019.pdf
BIOL 3600 - Ornithology Ornithology_Syllabus_Spring 2019.pdf
BIOL 3550 - Conservation Biology Conservation Biology Syllabus Fall_2019.pdf
BIOL 4360 - Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy & Physiology Comparative Vert. Anatomy (4360)_Spring 2018.pdf
BIOL 1108 - Principles of Biology II BIOL 1108_Syllabus_Fall_2019_Sec. 3.pdf