IAM Cloud Partnership


What it means to be an IAM Cloud Technology Partner

IAM Cloud is a leading IT management platform and Microsoft Worldwide Education Partner of the Year 2015. IAM Cloud believes that delivering the best-in-class IT services means more than just buying and selling technology, it’s about building partnerships with organizations to co-create solutions that best meet customers’ needs. The IAM Cloud platform has been built, and continues to evolve, in close collaboration with schools, colleges and universities around the world.

As an IAM Cloud technology partner Dalton State plays a pivotal role in the future development of the IAM Cloud platform. Our feedback and collaboration helps IAM Cloud understand how to support our goal of IT excellence at Dalton State.

IAM Cloud currently supports Dalton State with:

  • Identity Managementhttps://www.iamcloud.com/identity-management/
    IAM Cloud has been designed to support the largest and most complex identity projects in the world, with hundreds of source and destination directories, highly complex attribute handling, and millions of users.
  • Cloud Drive Mappinghttps://www.iamcloud.com/cloud-drive-mapper/
    Cloud Drive Mapper maps drives to OneDrive for Business & SharePoint Online libraries. It allows organizations to make the most of their storage offered by Microsoft Cloud, without the limitations typically associated with file synchronization natively offered by Office 365.
  • Office 365 Federationhttps://www.iamcloud.com/office-365
    IAM Cloud is the perfect companion to Office 365. They authenticate over 2.5 million people to Office 365 worldwide, and are a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner.
  • Self-Service Password Resethttps://www.iamcloud.com/password-reset/
    IAM Cloud hosts self-service password reset in the cloud. This means that organizations can reduce the burden of forgotten passwords on their IT services without the need for purchasing and implementing additional services.
  • Microsoft automated licensing https://www.iamcloud.com/office-365/
    IAM Cloud supports Office 365 licensing and un-licensing. The licensing engine benefits from the control of IAM Cloud classifications system.
  • User Provisioning https://www.iamcloud.com/our-platform/
    IAM Cloud makes the process of on-boarding to Office 365 straightforward. IAM Cloud uses an agent, which runs on our Domain Controller, to flow attributes between on-premises systems like Active Directory and IAM Cloud.

Find out more at www.iamcloud.com