OneLogin Multi-Factor Authentication

OneLogin Multi-Factor Authentication

Due to the rising number of compromised student accounts from phishing attacks, multi-factor authentication will be required for all users, including students, beginning in January 2, 2020.

Students, please be aware that starting in January, your email login will change to require you to answer the three security questions you set up when you first logged in to OneLogin following its implementation in 2018. If you cannot remember your security questions or the answers you provided, you should go ahead and log in to OneLogin to change them now. Instructions for this can be found below.

Furthermore, if you would like to change your MFA method from security questions to the OneLogin Protect app, Google Authenticator, Symantec's VIP Access, or YubiKey, you may do that as well. Instructions for this are also found below.

Regardless of your selection, we strongly recommend that you review your security questions in advance of January, in case you need them in the event you do not have your default authentication method.

More detailed instructions for all multi-factor authentication methods can also be found on the Dalton State OCIS Training channel on YouTube, linked below.

OneLogin Multi-Factor Authentication Setup Instructions
Concise MFA Setup Instructions (with pictures)
Dalton State OCIS Training YouTube Channel

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Frequently Asked Questions About MFA

We are scheduled to implement this change in January 2, 2020.

Support Issues

If you are in need of support or have questions about setting up any of your MFA methods, please email the OCIS Service Desk at servicedesk@daltonstate.edu.

You may also call OCIS at (706) 712-8213 or visit our office at the OCIS Service Desk window in the lobby area of Gignilliat Memorial Hall (Room 107).