Mission and Purpose

Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment                         


The Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment is primarily responsible for managing the academic assessment activities of the campus and supports all accreditation (institutional and programmatic) efforts college-wide, serves as the campus SACSCOC Liaison officer, and oversees the Institutional Effectiveness office. This position will work closely with the Academic Affairs office, Academic Deans, Department Chairs, and Campus Directors to ensure the institution meets its mission, goals, and institutional learning outcomes and remains in good accreditation standing. This position is responsible for directing the college’s institutional effectiveness functions.


  • Directs institutional effectiveness and assessment activities. (60%)

    • Directs assessment activities and documentation for all educational programs and courses, administrative support services, academic and student support services, and community/public services.
    • Produces, maintains, and reports on assessment data for internal and external purposes.
    • Facilitates the college-wide system of academic program reviews and evaluations.
    • Implements a system for institutional strategic planning and assists in coordinating the annual implementation, assessment, monitoring, and reporting on the achievement of goals.
    • Compiles, analyzes, and disseminates quantitative data on areas of student achievement, program assessment, and institutional effectiveness.
    • Provides assessment assistance to faculty and staff through training, consultation, and professional development activities.
    • Collaborates with deans, faculty assessment facilitators, and the Office of Computing and Information Services to achieve assessment goals and ensure continual improvement in institutional effectiveness.
  • Manages SACSCOC reaccreditation functions. (30%)

    • Guides the institution’s efforts for successful SACSCOC reaccreditation.
    • Serves as the college’s SACSCOC Liaison Officer, including all responsibilities for institutional accreditation liaisons as required by the SACSCOC.
  • Staff Supervision and a variety of related duties. (10%)

    • Hires, trains, assigns, directs, supervises, evaluates, and disciplines personnel.
    • General Grant support as required.