Dalton State’s Showcase Features Student Work


Students at Dalton State are given many opportunities to stretch their minds outside of the classroom, working on research, and traveling to learn more about the world.

The College’s Fourth Annual Student Scholarship Showcase featured students representing the College’s Schools of Liberal Arts, Business, Health Professions, Education, and Science, Technology, and Mathematics. The showcase is sponsored and organized by the Dalton State College Office of Academic Affairs, the Center for Academic Excellence, and the Dalton State Foundation.

From the School of Education, students who studied abroad in Costa Rica presented their observations on how international schools address standards, pedagogy, literacy, and culture. Maria Rodriguez, Nubia Ruiz, Astrid Garcia, Leticia Salazar, Keshia Garigan, and Alejandra Jaquez presented the topic “Study Abroad in Costa Rica:  Teacher Candidates Working in Rural Schools.”

Students from the School of Business presented their work from their study abroad trip to Morocco. Presentations include:

  • Emily Frazier: “Agribusiness in Morocco”
  • Veronica Lopez: “Diversity in Morocco”
  • Julieta Rodriguez: “A Comparison of Cultures: Morocco & Mexico”
  • Pedro Espitia-Avila: “’Anou’ Way of Doing Business”
  • Kailey Vaughn: “Business practices: The Moroccan Difference”
  • Aleah Russell: “Nontraditional Ideas in a Traditional Country”

Graduating students from the Bachelor of Business Administration program presented their capstone research as teams. Presentations include:

  • Levi Nix, Angel Langley, Veronica Lopez, and Janice Bagby: “NIKE” 
  • Jessica Holcombe, Pedro Espitia-Avila, and Jonathan Clerk: “VF” 
  • Stephanie Dean, Hadyn Fava, Afraz Asham, and Austin Quinn: “PVH” 
  • Laura Winter, Collins Atangha, Kenneth Shamblin, and Desiree R. King: “Polo Ralph Lauren” 
  • Angel Rivera, Scott Murdoch, Jarred Porter, and Gabriel Acuna: “L (Limited) Brands” 
  • Adil Sheikh, Dakota Hunt, Joseph Cook, and Russell Poteet: “Gap” 
  • Jamie Gall, Ruben Hernandez, Heather Lessis, and Ranim Altamimi: “Dr. Pepper Snapple”
  • Clayton Sprayberry, Diego Sanchez, and Alberto Perez: “Waste Management”
  • Colton Thacker, Trent Smyth, and Nathan Terry: “Procter & Gamble” 
  • Michael Smith, Jordan Bowling, Kipp Smith, and Maria Bejarano: “KimberlyClark” 
  • Carol Johnson, Jennifer Dunn, Ruben Uribe, and Joseph Brooks Hale: “UPS” 
  • Lauren Dennis, Raul Alvarez, Matt Bearden, and Obinna Okoronkwo: “FedEx”  
  • Chasity Ashby, Dina Cruz, and Austin Poole: “American Airlines” 
  • Judy Torres, Logan Biddle, and Audrey Cunningham: “Delta Airlines” 
  • Anthony D’Angelo, Jared Thompson, and Kailey Vaughn: “TJX” 
  • Brooks Thornton, Kenli Babb, and Chase Jones: “Ross Stores” 
  • Victoria Jones, Tyler Cooper, Kris Orr, and Julieta Rodriguez: “Kraft (Heinz) Food Group” 
  • Heath Davis, Daniel Nichols, Corey Wells, and Esmerai Caro: “General Mills” 

Presentations from the Department of Social Sciences include:

  • Alberto Perez: “The Value of Studying Abroad” 
  • Cody Roberts: "Mass Transportation Programs Around the United States”
  • Veronica Ruiz: “The Interstate Highway System”
  • Shawn Payne: "Recall Elections"  

Presentations from the School of Natural Science, Mathematics, and Technology include:

  • Tegan Hendricks and Daley Harrison: “The State of the Turtle Assurance Colony”
  • Brooke Bingham, Felicia Shorey, and Meghan O.Toole: "Enumeration of Viable Organisms Found in Commercially Available Yogurts”
  • Jordan Fuquea, Eleni Fuentes, and Annalia Ramos: "Validating Viable Probiotic Organisms in Commercial Probiotic Supplements” 
  • MaryAnn McBrayer: “Effects of Anthropogenic Disturbance on Small Mammal Community Diversity”
  • Harrison Watts: “Periodic Billiards Paths in Rational Approximations of Non-Rational Triangles”
  • Makenzie Vandiver: “Secondary Succession in Abandoned Northwest Georgia Farmlands”
  • Susan Tinch: “Evaluation of Bird and Plant Communities of a Degraded, Urban Wetland”
  • Linda Braun: “Correlation Between Sleep Quality and Telomere Lengths (Phase I)”
  • Eric Crisp: “Analysis of Diesel Contamination in Constructed Sediments”
  • Madelin Espinosa: “Vaping Yourself to Health”
  • Amber Young: “Effects of Land Use on Water Quality in Holly Creek Using Macroinvertebrates as Bioindicators”
  • Alexander Allmon: “Linaria Vulgaris”
  • MaryAnn McBrayer and Aaron Burnett: “Pre-restoration Survey of Fish Diversity in a NW Georgia Lake and Wetland”
  • Casey Dover: “Developing Novel Redox-active Ligands for Environmentally Friendly Multi-electron Reactions at Cobalt(II) Centers”
  • Blane Bennett and Brittany Lee: “Developing Bioinspired First-row Transition Metal Complexes of Redox-active Ligands for Multi-electron Reactions”
  • Eliot Bagby: “Mathematical Billiards”
  • Ellie Bradford, Estefania Garcia, and Kaley Jones: “Synthesis of Benzothiophene and Indole via Transition Metal Vinylidene Complexes”
  • Megan Preston and Kenneth Slaton: “Phytoextraction of Lead from Firing Range Soil by Kudzu” 
  • Cristina Pena and Linda Braun: “The Gift of Natural History: The Annie M. Smith Collection at Dalton State College”

Presentations from the Department of Communications include:

  • Brooklyn Herrera: “Managers vs Leaders: Why Communication Makes the Difference”
  • Shawna Ellis: “Consumer Brand Loyalty in the Automobile Industry”
  • Shawn Payne: “Anger and Hatred in Presidential Politics”
  • Matthew Gunn: “Who is Like the Great Physician: The Development of a Lowercase Christ”
  • Dakota Moore performed her own original musical composition.
  • Chris Mendoza, Kathleen Minor, and Justin Burkhart: “Noh Theatre.”

Presentations from the Department of English include:

  • Karen Phillips: “River of Earth: Connection to Appalachian Life” 
  • Zachary Scott Ruppert and Autumn Hamilton: “Melville”
  • Troy Poe: “Ideas in Literary Studies”
  • Keri Wycuff: “Literary Studies”
  • Kellsea Jenkins: “Literary Studies”
  • Kathleen Minor: “Humanities and the Human”
  • Hayley Roberts:  “Considering the Venus of Willendorf “
  • Emily Sprayberry: “A Fine Romance: ‘A Rose for Emily’”

Poster presentations from the Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy include:

  • Chandra Autry: “In patients with COPD exacerbation, how does the use of noninvasive ventilation compare to invasive ventilation on patient recovery?” 
  • Stephanie Watkins: “How do patients with percutaneous tracheostomies compare to surgical tracheostomy patients in regard to healing rates and complications post insertion?” 
  • Carri McClure: “In neonates who are treated with Bubble CPAP versus Mechanical Ventilation for respiratory failure, which therapy provides the best results?” 
  • Kim Brown: “In community dwelling adults, how effective is hands-only CPR vs. hands plus breathing CPR at preventing mortality?” 
  • Kayla Ponders: “In asthmatic patients, how effective is Aerogen versus nebulizer therapy in decreasing patient admission rates?”  
  • Brett Hannah: “In Cystic Fibrosis patients, how effective is Mucomyst versus Hypertonic Saline for thinning and removal of secretions?”  

Presentations from the Bachelor in Nursing program include:

  • Tori Gilley, Caitlyn Scott, Judy Blackwell, Katherine Fromm, and Michael Eikel: “The Positive Effect of Health Fairs on College Students”
  • Joey Bartenfield, Christina Larmon, Ashley Balley, Amber Ballew, and Keila Chambless: “Purpose and Planning of Health Fairs”
  • Tiffany Barnes, Raven Eason, Jamey Taylor, and Morgan Thomas: “Improving the Health of Latinos after Participation in Community Health Fairs”
  • Joanna Cross, Regina Davis, Lourdes Rios, and Susan Sitton: “The Effectiveness of Cardiovascular Health Screenings at College Health Fairs”
  • Jill Justus, Audrie Guerrero, Sandy Sherif, Jessie Johnson, and Chelsie Faulknor: “Using Service Learning Projects to Increase Confidence in Nursing Students”
  • Carolyn Curtis, Dawn Green, Karissa Holcomb, Brian Johnson, and Pamela Lyon: “Success of Smoking Cessation of Health Fair Participants after Smoking Cessation Counseling”

Graduating students in the Bachelor of Social Work program presented their final capstone research projects, which include:

  • Lizbet Alvarado: “Employee Morale and Empowerment Strategies in a Long-Term Care Facility”
  • Shonna Nicole Bailey: “The Most Common Parental Risk Factors Associated with Children in Foster Care”
  • Cecilia Becerra: “Factors Impacting the Decision of a Non-offending Parent to Engage Therapeutic Services for the Child”
  • Kristin Anna-Marie Burchett: “The Correlation between Services Received from a Hospital Liaison and Subsequent Patient Readmissions to the Hospital”
  • Steven Cooper: “The Impact of Providing Mental Health Service Providers with Weekly Suggestions for Self-Care Activities”
  • Christina Ellinghausen: “Does the Use of Social Stories Increase Engagement in New Activities Among Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities?”
  • Maribel Gutierrez: “What is the Correlation between Parental Substance Abuse Treatment and Permanency Outcome of Children in Foster Care in a Georgia County?”
  • Crystal Jeffers: “Factors Associated with Unsuccessful Reunification between Methamphetamine Abusing Parents and Their Children”
  • Rosafay Lawson: “What Are the Clients' Perceptions of Factors that Influence Successful Transitioning Through Drug Court?” 
  • Cory Lowe: “Factors that Impact Reunification in Cases with Substantiated Substance Abuse in a County DFCS”
  • Danielle Lyons: “The Perceived Benefits of the McKinney-Vento Program as Described by 12th Grade Students”
  • Marilyn Mojica: “Factors that Help or Hinder Clients Developing End-of-Life Plans”
  • Kellie Newport: “The Impact of Mindfulness; Based Interventions on Stress Reduction among Sole Caretakers of Hospice Patients”