Dalton State Unveils Refreshed Bell Tower Logo


Dalton State College has unveiled a new brand mark that will soon begin appearing on materials promoting the College.

The new logo is a refreshed version of the Burran Bell Tower logo the College introduced in 2010.

“It will look familiar to folks which was important to us,” said Pam Partain, director of Marketing and Communications for Dalton State. “The new logo still includes a rendering of the Burran Bell Tower and even the same typeface, but it’s cleaner and crisper and will reproduce better on printed materials and merchandise.”

The refreshed artwork was created by VisionPoint Marketing which has worked with Dalton State for the past year.

“Our marketing partners at VisionPoint considered modifying the previous bell tower mark as well as creating a new concept altogether,” Partain said.

“It was natural to design our brand mark around the Burran Bell Tower which is more than just a beautiful architectural structure; it’s a symbol of the College itself,” Partain said. “It stands as the central focal point on a growing campus, just as our students are the center of an engaging, challenging experience at Dalton State.

“Its music is comprised of 25 unique, individual bells, each striking and discovering its own note of purpose, made clearer in concert with others. In the same way, Dalton State is inclusive of many unique individuals, all with their own goals and personalities., coming together to form our vibrant college community. In that sense, the bell tower unites us as Dalton State.

“In moments of significant change or tremendous achievement in the life of our college –like inaugurations and commencements—the bell tower chimes our celebration. But also tolls every hour, on the hour, with unwavering confidence and belief in what we are achieving.

“As bell towers always do, the Burran Bell Tower draws us together, now and forever. As graduates go on to lives of purpose, the Bell Tower will always be here, pacing our progress into the future while also calling us home.”

The new bell tower logo is introduced at the beginning of Dalton State’s “year of celebration” which will culminate with the school’s 50th anniversary in the fall of 2017.

“There’s a lot that’s new at Dalton State -new housing, new programs, new construction, new administrators — and the time just seemed right to present a fresh look for our brand,” Partain said.