Ambassadors a Gateway for New Students


Latifah Collins opened her email.

“I read ‘Hey you! Do you love Dalton State?’” she said. “I was like, ‘Yes!’ ‘Do you want to help others?’ ‘Yes! That’s me!’”

It was exactly what Collins had been looking for.

“I was at a point where I wanted to do more for the campus, for the college that has done so much for me,” said Collins, who expects to graduate in May of 2017 with a degree in English. “I have so many great stories to tell about Dalton State. Now I get to tell them to students thinking about coming here.”

Collins now volunteers as one of four student ambassadors. Their main role is giving prospective students tours of the campus.

“Dalton State prides itself in being a caring community,” said Katelyn Humphrey, an admission counselor who oversees the ambassadors. “Our prospective students get to see that on their tour. It’s good for potential students to hear from current students. Plus our ambassadors get a sense of leadership and ownership.”

Students took over the tours this semester. Previously Humphrey and other admission counselors conducted them.

Now, one of the four ambassadors – Collins, Kellsea Jenkins, Selena Martinez, or Krystal Tee – is the first person students thinking about attending Dalton State meet when they get to campus.

“I saw a way to represent Dalton State,” Tee said. “I get to give tours. When I used to see tours on campus I’d want to jump in and tell them all the amazing things Dalton State has done for me.”

Jenkins has a more reserved personality and knew becoming an ambassador would require her to step out of her comfort zone.

“I like walking around campus and showing what we have to offer,” she said. “I had been looking for a way to become more involved on campus, and I saw this opportunity and thought it would be a great leadership role to help me to connect with more people.”