Dalton State Foundation Awards 178 Scholarships


The Dalton State Foundation awarded 178 scholarships at its annual Scholarship Day recently. Donors, students, parents, and friends attended the event during which more than a quarter-million dollars in scholarships and stipends were awarded for Dalton State’s 2017-2018 academic year.

“We are extremely proud of the impacts that so many philanthropists and visionaries are having on our students at Dalton State as shown by the record number of scholarship donors this year,” said David Elrod, Foundation Director. “But for what our scholarship donors have done by endowing or making annual gifts to sustain these awards, none of this would be possible. We are fortunate to have earned their trust, and we strive every day to make the most of these gifts they have entrusted to us for the benefit of our students.

“In this, Dalton State’s 50th anniversary year, we invite anyone who believes in the potential of higher education to change lives to contact the Dalton State Foundation at 706-272-4473 to explore how we can help you meet your philanthropic goals while investing in the human capital of Northwest Georgia,” he said.

Among the scholarship recipients were Cody Dollar, AIS Scholarship in Finance and Applied Economics; Blane Bennett, American Legion Post 112 Scholarship; Alanna Whitfield, Arthur B.E. Lauman Scholarship in Nursing; and Ivan Rivera, Arvine Phelps Memorial Scholarship in Mathematics.

Recipients of Atlanta Capital Bank Scholarships were student athletes Chase Cole, Juliana Gomez, Caroline Griffin, Nayeli Jacobo, Jordan Man, and Deshawn Ruffin. Guadalupe Nunez and Bukky Subulade received the Bank of America Scholarship.

Jacob Hale was the recipient of the Barbara ’76 and Ronald Shiffler Scholarship in Accounting and Finance; Stevie Dyar was awarded the Beatrice P. and Emory B. Grant Scholarship; Bukky Subulade was the recipient of the Bitsy and Stuart McFarland Scholarship; and the Bob E. Knisley Scholarship was awarded to Marlee LeMay.

Brown Industries Family Scholarships were awarded to Tala Coffman, Arturo Hernandez-Reyes, Katherine Marroquin, Evan Nelson, Natalia Romero, Drew Satterfield, Jackson Sheppard, and Sharon Villafuerte.

Kelly Parvin was the recipient of the Buchanan Family Scholarship. The Bunco for the Cure Radiologic Technology Scholarship was awarded to Allie Beagles, Mariah Kilgore, and Humberto Orozco. Shannon Knight and A’kelia Raines were recipients of the Carlton Candler McCamy Memorial Scholarship.

The Charles Edward Wood and Belle Wills Wood Memorial Scholarship was presented to Kaitlyn English; Michael McDonald received the City of Dalton Public Safety Scholarship. The Cohutta Banking Company Scholarship was awarded to Erwin Flores and Joanna Martinez. Rachel Kelcourse received the Collette Cochran ’08 Scholarship in Business, and Blane Bennett was the recipient of the Dalton Civitan Club Scholarship in Science, Technology, and Mathematics.

Dalton State Foundation Research Stipends were awarded to Cody Beavers, Sarah Chastain, Michael Cuprowski, Daley Harrison, Jonathan Leberman, Jaime McCartney, Rin Pell, Kaytlin Pepper, Matthew Presley, Jonathan Schwan, and Carrie Swinney.

Awarded Dalton State Foundation Study Abroad Scholarships for study in China were Manases Joga, Shannon Knight, and Veronica Ruiz. Students receiving Dalton State Foundation Study Abroad Scholarships for study in Costa Rica were Mollie Busie, Max England, Taylor Keller, and Jonathan Ochoa. Leah Brisendine received the Dalton State Foundation Study Abroad Scholarship to England, and Samii Palacio and Sarah Cordero were awarded the Dalton State Foundation Study Abroad Scholarship to France.

Recipients of Dalton State Foundation Study Aboard Scholarships for study in Mexico include Madeline Castleberry, Zac Fields, Erin Gazaway, Savannah Goldsmith, Alejandra Jaquez, Karly Newman, Elizabeth Ortiz, Nadxelly Pineda, Christopher Queen, Alex Tinney, Nancy Uribe, and Catherine West. Brett Hollis and Meghan Lively received the Dalton State Foundation Study Abroad Scholarship for study in Spain.

Kaytlin Pepper was awarded the David E. Pennington III ’74 Scholarship, and Emily Wong was the recipient of the Derrell C. Roberts Memorial Scholarship in History. The Dixie Hasty Kinard Scholarship was presented to Christopher Queen; Clariveth Flores received the Donald Edward Davis Scholarship in Environmental Studies.

Fincher-Loughridge Teacher Education Scholarships were awarded to Zac Fields, Alejandra Jaquez, Bianca Moreno, Elizabeth Ortiz, Michelle Parham, Nadxelly Pineda, Jessica Ramirez, Jamie Steadman, Vanesa Vazquez, and Catherine West.

Whitley Patton was awarded the George L. Jones Scholarship in History, and Bailea Bickley received the Gibb Watts Memorial Scholarship.

Goizueta Foundation Scholarships were awarded to Nayelli Gomez, Victoria Jurado, Bryan Lopez, Maricela Martinez, Selena Martinez, Rafael Mendiola, Christopher Mendoza, Silvia Ortiz, Illiana Ramirez, Elizabeth Silverio, and Yami Vaca.

Brittney Ikard and Brittany Lee were recipients of the Harcros Chemical Scholarship. Marcela Navarro was the recipient of the Hispanic/Latino Social Work Scholarship, and Joey Varnell received the J&J Industries Scholarship. The J. Donald Bowen Scholarship in Management was presented to MacKenzie Smith; Carolina Gomez was awarded the James E. Brown Scholarship; and Andrew Gribble was this year’s recipient of the Jayden LaVan Chatmon Scholarship in Nursing.

The Jerry Phifer ’73 Scholarship was presented to Megan Bethune; Hunter Spence received the Jim Delmar Scholarship; Sky House was awarded the John A. Hutcheson, Jr. Scholarship in History; and Megan Callahan was this year’s recipient of the Johnnie and Peter Bakkum Scholarship.

Jolly Family Scholarships in Science and Mathematics were awarded to Tony Baza, Laura Blankenship, Caleb Hefner, Nashely Hernandez, Ellaina Johnson, Jaime McCartney, Victor Quintero, and Chris Smith.

Fernando Cedano received the June Sparks Scholarship in Mathematics, Leah Bradley was the recipient of the Kate McMillan Daniel Memorial Scholarship for Teachers; Robin Bruno received the Katherine Fromm ’16, Scholarship in Nursing; Jacob Bowen was awarded the Ken ’88 and Lori Cyree Scholarship in Business; and Tiffany Markey was this year’s recipient of the Ken White Scholarship in Accounting.

The Kenneth E. and Dottie S. Boring Healthcare Scholarship was awarded this year to Nancy Avila De Welles, Juliana Gomez, Logan Hobbs, Kat Quoc, Pia Santiesteban, and Kaitlyn Vayens.

Evelyn Musili was awarded the Kevin Doheny Memorial Scholarship in Mathematics; Selena Gomez was the recipient of the Kiwanis Club of Dalton/Dr. Earl McGhee Scholarship; and Ina Gabe received the Larry and Kathy Johnson Scholarship in Business.

Kateland Saylor received the Larry W. Cooper Scholarship in Education; Haley Stennett was awarded the LR Resources Scholarship in Business; and Rachel Williams was the inaugural recipient of the Margaret H. Venable Scholarship in Chemistry. Olivia Morones was awarded the Mary M. “Sis” Brown Scholarship; Wren Fowler received the Micah Alline Dembele Scholarship in Nursing; and Shameka Dallas was awarded the MLT Scholarship.

The Norris and Billie Little Scholarship was presented to Rebecca Elliott and Autumn Hooton; Christina Roland received the Patricia McGuire White Memorial Scholarship in Biology; and Amber Gadd was the recipient of the RAHYE Foundation Scholarship in Nursing. The Ratner Foundation Scholarship was awarded to April Bartley, Katie Curtis, Melissa Debois, Ashlan Jennings, Maria Nguyen, and Diapme Nunez.

Yazmin Flores and Juliana Gomez were the initial recipients of the Resident of Royal Oaks Scholarship; Diego Alvarado Ruiz received the Rita Salazar Scholarship; and Autumn Hooton was this year’s recipient of the Robert W. Kinard Scholarship. The first-ever Ron Arnold Memorial Scholarships in Communications were awarded to Alex Kerr and Aubrie Pankau.

The Ronald S. Taylor Memorial Scholarship in Nursing was presented to Ashlan Jennings; Jonathan Ochoa received the Rotary Club of Dalton Scholarship; Jennifer Ball was this year’s recipient of the Ruth C. Boyle Scholarship in Social Work; Kellsea Jenkins was awarded the Ryan Allan Acree Memorial Scholarship; and Amber Wyrick was the recipient of the Schwenn Family Scholarship.

This year’s recipients of the Shaheen Family Scholarships were Katrina Autry, Sarah Key and Tamya Morris; Awaz Yaseen received the Spence Higgins, Jr., Memorial Scholarship; and Roniqua Wright was this year’s recipient of the Stan and Janet Goodroe Scholarship. Emily Thomas received the Terry L. Christie Scholarship in History and Politics; Elizabeth Lara-Rios received the Tom Deaton Scholarship for Student Leaders; and this year’s recipients of the Tom W. and Jeanette Greeson Scholarship were Maribel Guangorena, Jose Gutierrez, Gage Hall, and Atanacio Perez.

Diego Alvarado Ruiz was this year’s recipient of the Walter M. and Fannie B.H. Jones Scholarship; Hajeen Mustafa received the Wayne E. Bell Memorial Scholarship in English; Megan Callahan and Marlen Hernandez Garcia received this year’s Wells Fargo Scholarships; Taylor Keller was the recipient of the White Family Foundation Scholarship; Morgan Kendrick and Rhett Lusk received the Winifred Clay Memorial Scholarship; and Robin Bruno was awarded the Yvonne Hill Hawkins Memorial Scholarship in Nursing.