Preserving History


In the 50 years of Dalton State College, many photos have been taken but information on who is pictured and what was going on in the image is missing.

So several retirees, and a few current longtime employees, are gathering periodically in Robert’s Library to go through the nostalgic task of identifying who is photographed and what event was captured.

The group - led by Beth Burdick, longtime secretary to the president – is sifting through hundreds of photos, identifying former administrators, faculty members, staff, and students as they go in an effort to preserve that portion of the College’s history.

Plans are to use the photos in a display at the library in honor of the College’s 50th year.

Pictured from left are, Harlan Chapman, former registrar and professor; Melvyn Ottinger, former basketball head coach and athletic director; Burdick; Cheryl Nuckolls, administrative assistant in the School of Health Professions; and Linda Massey, former public relations specialist.