Dalton State to Host Day of Giving


A small donation can go a long way.

It doesn’t take a large, single donation to fund projects at Dalton State, said Elizabeth Dunaway, an assistant professor of psychology who is organizing a fundraiser for the College. If several people donate even just $5-20, it adds up, she said.

Dalton State is hosting a Day of Giving on Wednesday, April 17 to raise funds for six projects geared toward helping students be more successful. Organizers hope to see people support those projects and post their support on social media using the hashtag #DSCDayofGiving.

Everyone is encouraged to consider giving, but especially alumni. Those who wish to donate can do so at giving.daltonstate.edu. Select which project you want to fund by designating a school or department.

Projects being funded on the Day of Giving include:

  • Psychology lab for the School of Liberal Arts: The total cost of the project is expected to cost $4,490. This lab would provide psychology majors more opportunities to do research at the undergraduate level by providing the space to do hands-on research. There are nearly 200 psychology majors at Dalton State, and many of the program’s alumni are now in graduate school. Having this experience would make them more competitive in graduate school and in the workforce.
  • Classroom technology for the Wright School of Business: This project is expected to cost $5,000. The WSOB will soon have a new home in the newly renovated Gignilliat Memorial Hall. With the increased use of technology in the workplace, it’s even more important for business students to have access to the latest technology. This project would fill the new space with updated classroom technology, including presentation tools that would enhance the overall learning experience.
  • Laptops for the School of Health Professions: This project is expected to cost $4,920. Health Professions programs use computer-based testing for courses and licensure preparations. Scheduling computer labs is a challenge. In addition to helping make the testing process more accessible, laptops could transform any classroom into a computer lab when needed. Though the school owns laptops already, there aren’t currently enough for the demand.
  • Eight tortoises for the Turtle Assurance Colony for the School of Science, Technology, and Mathematics: This is expected to cost $1,600. The Turtle Assurance Colony is a part of the Turtle Survival Alliance, which is a conservation group formed to encourage breeding of endangered turtle species from around the world. The Dalton State colony is maintained by faculty, staff, students, and alumni and is a great teaching and research resource. The colony is a contributor in saving species from worldwide extinction. Supporting this project would allow the school to purchase additional Serrated hinge-back tortoises, which have been successfully bred at the College.
  • Student research for the School of Education: The project is expected to cost $5,000. The School of Education encourages students to conduct research at the undergraduate level to give them a fuller college experience. The mission of the school is to prepare future educators who will challenge a new generation of students to reach their highest potential, acquire a love for learning, and become productive citizens. Funding this project will help students achieve those goals.
  • Freezer for the Birdfeeder and items for a campus garden for the Dean of Students Office: The project is expected to cost $4,000. The Birdfeeder is an on-campus food pantry created to help ensure students can focus on academics instead of where their next meal is coming from. The food pantry would like to expand their offering of nonperishable items to include fresh and frozen produce. Food from the pantry is provided to students at no cost.