Gift Provides Scholarships to Students in Manufacturing-Related Programs


Dalton State students studying a manufacturing-related field will have more opportunities to financial assistance thanks to a gift from the Georgia Association of Manufacturers’ Manufacturers Education Foundation.

The gift will sustain scholarships for students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in scientific technology, logistics and supply chain management, or chemistry, said David Elrod, director of the Dalton State Foundation.

“The investment in Dalton State students through these scholarships will provide new opportunities for our students to complete their degrees and enter the workforce as productive professionals,” Elrod said. “Donors like the Manufacturers Education Foundation recognize giving to Dalton State pays dividends to our entire community. On a campus where two-thirds of our students require need-based financial aid in order to attend one of the most affordable colleges in the country, the impact of giving here is immediate and long-lasting. Gifts like these from the Manufacturers Education Foundation can and do indeed change lives.”

Roy Bowen, president of the association, believes it’s important to make an investment in students’ education. Since the primary industry in Northwest Georgia is manufacturing and Dalton State offers several degrees to help students enter the field, having a partnership is a natural fit.

“Providing scholarships through The Manufacturers Education Foundation increases awareness among young people of the opportunities available in manufacturing as they are trying to determine what career path to choose,” he said. “The foundation also provides financial resources to some students who might not otherwise have the chance to focus on their studies. In addition, contributing provides the association the chance to support its members in the area by helping to develop the talent they need to sustain their business. In fact, it was at the suggestion of one of our members that we sought out a relationship with Dalton State.

“Providing financial support to Dalton State provides the association and foundation an opportunity to align the institution’s mission with manufacturer’s needs,” he said. “Partnerships and collaboration are key to success. There are always better ways to do things, new approaches to take and lessons to learn.”

Dalton State works with industry leaders to ensure the right degrees and the right material within each area of study is being taught so graduates are workforce ready.

“Dalton State understands the critical job it plays in helping to prepare young Georgians for jobs and careers,” Bowen said. “It is an institution that listens and responds to industry needs, embracing partnerships and appreciating the benefits of collaboration, whether with the association, other educational institutions and/or companies in the area in need of talent trained by the institution. In essence, the relationship is important because Dalton State is helping our member companies and other businesses find talent and continue to thrive. We want to support what the college does.”

Donors wishing to learn more about giving for scholarships at Dalton State may contact the Dalton State Foundation at 706-272-4473 or foundation@daltonstate.edu.