Dalton State Requires Masks Inside Campus Buildings


The University System of Georgia (USG), which includes Dalton State College, has updated plans for the return to face-to-face instruction, requiring face masks when indoors with few exceptions.

Dalton State’s plans already called for masks in areas where social distancing would not be feasible, but the new guidelines will broaden the areas where masks will be required to include classrooms, labs, hallways, restrooms and more. Exceptions include private offices and study rooms where a person is alone and in rooms/suites inside Mashburn Hall where students living on campus as roommates are considered a family unit.

Masks will also be required outside when social distancing is not possible. The new guidelines go into effect July 15.

The new mask requirement applies to students, employees and visitors. Anyone not wearing a mask will be asked to put one on or to leave. Accommodations will be made for people who are unable to wear a mask due to documented health reasons.

Dalton State is providing one reusable cloth mask to each student and employee. The mask will be made available to students upon their return to campus for classes.

The college also recently adjusted its fall schedule so the semester will end before the Thanksgiving holiday break. Fall classes will begin on Aug. 10 and end on Nov. 25 so students will not need to return to campus after that date until classes resume in January. The adjustment removes the Labor Day holiday and fall break.

Dalton State will continue to follow guidelines from the USG, Governor’s Task Force, Georgia Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Updates to those guidelines will be posted on the “Coronavirus Update” webpage found at daltonstate.edu, as well as on social media.