Grant Provides Opportunity to Assess Hispanic Needs


As a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), Dalton State prides itself on its ability to serve not only its Hispanic students but also the greater Latinx community. Thanks to a recent research grant from the Latin American Association (LAA), Dalton State has the opportunity to assess the needs of Dalton's Latinx community so that the college can continue to support it in meaningful ways.

The LAA has provided Dalton State with a $35,000 research grant that will allow researchers at the school to conduct surveys and hold focus groups to assess the needs of the Hispanic population in Dalton. The grant is part of the association’s ongoing project to understand the needs of the Hispanic community in Northwest Georgia and provide services to support it. 

The Latin American Association is a non-profit organization that has served the Latinx community in Northwest Georgia for 48 years. Recently, a partnership with Mohawk allowed the LAA to expand into Dalton, where the organization continues to provide services to the Latinx community. 

The LAA is currently providing the Dalton area with family well-being services and plans to expand its focus to immigration services, economic empowerment, youth education and civic engagement. To assess which services are needed most in the Dalton area, the LAA will work closely with Dalton State to assess the needs of the Latinx community in Dalton and determine effective ways to aid it. 

The research project will ensure the needs of the Latinx community in Dalton are understood and provide meaningful direction for both Dalton State and the LAA. The research process involves a survey and several focus groups to determine which issues are most pertinent. Several professors from the Wright School of Business and other schools at Dalton State will serve as researchers in the project.  

Dalton State researchers will begin administering surveys in January 2021 and focus groups will be held in early February 2021. The project is expected to conclude in July 2021.