Title IX Campus Programs

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Dalton State is committed to educating students, faculty and staff about Title IX and the different issues covered under and related to Title IX. Please see below for descriptions of some of the educational programs offered at Dalton State

Think about It:

This program is offered online to all incoming students which covers substance and sexual abuse training program that prepares students to confront and prevent serious campus problems. Think About It delivers Title IX and Campus SAVE Act training with a non-judgmental approach to effectively reach students.


Staff members from The Office of Student Life and Public Safety present on a variety of topics each year. Presentations on Title IX, sexual assault, alcohol, drugs and reporting concerns on campus can be requested for classes, organizations or teams. Often these presentations are given to First Year Experience Classes.

Dalton State also brings to campus national speakers and productions that address issues related to Title IX. Some of the productions that have come to Dalton State include The Hook-up, A Shot of Reality and Sex Signals (all Catharsis Production Presentations).

RAD (Rape, Aggression and Defense):

This program is designed to provide women with the techniques and concepts needed for defending themselves from various types of assaults. It employs “easy, effective, and proven self-defense/martial arts tactics” but “is not a martial arts program.” In addition to tactics, the program also teaches awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance. The goal of this program enables women to take a more active role in protecting themselves and their psychological wellbeing. If you would like more information about signing up for a class, please call 706-272-4461.


Staff Training: