Communication, BA - Film Concentration

Bachelor of Arts in Communication with Film Concentration at Dalton State College

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a Film Concentration prepares you for a variety of careers in the field of communication and specifically to attain certification with the Georgia Film Academy to obtain work in the film industry. You will have a solid grounding in the discipline and 18 hours from the Georgia Film Academy. The program will emphasize communication theory, media literacy, information technology literacy and use, critical thinking, research, ethics, and strong writing and oral communication skills to meet workforce needs as well as prepare you for further study.

In addition to the range of competencies that a liberal arts-based degree in communication offers, with the concentration in film you will have the credentials to work in technical areas in the film industry. By attending the Georgia Film Academy (GFA) to earn 18 credits, you will understand the film industry and receive in-depth training in a least two technical areas. The GFA is hands-on in its teaching approach and offers opportunities for internships and networking.

Resources for Film Concentration