Communication, BA

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Program at Dalton State College

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication is designed to prepare you for a variety of careers in the field of communication. You will have a solid grounding in the discipline and the opportunities to choose a concentration in social and digital media, organizational communication leadership, or film production through the Georgia Film Academy. The program emphasizes media literacy, information technology literacy, critical thinking, research, and strong writing and oral communication skills to meet workforce needs as well as prepare you for further study.

According to the National Communication Association, “college graduates with communication degrees have the knowledge and skills employers need…” In a recent National Association of Colleges and Employers Survey, employers identified the abilities to verbally communicate with others and to create/edit written documents among the top ten skills they seek. Graduates in Communication bring these critical skills to the workplace in marketing, public relations, business management, sales, corporate training, health communication and administration, public affairs, broadcasting, journalism and political campaigns.

Choose among four concentrations:

  • Digital/Social Media
  • Film Studies
  • Organizational Communication Leadership


From Film Studies Student to Entrepreneur

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