Criminal Justice, BS

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Program at Dalton State College

In-Person or Online Program

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program prepares you to work in the areas of municipal, state and federal law enforcement; corrections; and juvenile justice and probation. You will also receive a firm foundation in the analytical, communication and research skills needed for law and graduate school.

Career Opportunities:

  • Law Enforcement
    • Police Officer
    • State trooper
    • Detective
    • Border Patrol
    • FBI
    • DEA
    • ATF
  • Courts:
    • Court Clerk
    • Prosecutor*
    • District Attorney*
    • Defense Attorney*
    • Judge*
    • Mediator
    • Victim Advocate
  • Corrections:
    • Corrections Officer
    • Parole Officer
    • Probation Officer
    • Prison Psychologist*
    • Vocational Instructor

*BS in Criminal Justice and advanced degree required


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