Department of Health and Physical Education

Faculty and Staff

Position or Title

Email: Office Number: Phone Number:
(area code 706)
Grayson, Cheryl
Associate Professor of Physical Education
cgrayson Bandy Gymnasium 114 272-4540
Kertulis-Tartar, Gina M.
Dean, School of Health Professions;
Associate Professor of Biology
gkertulistartar Health Professions 118‚Äč 272-4518
Maddox, Linda
lmaddox Bandy Gymnasium 109 272-4455
Nuckolls, Cheryl
Administrative Assistant
cnuckolls Health Professions 119 272-2457
Parrent, Marshall
Academic Advisor
mparrent Health Professions 304 272-2576
Price, Christy T.
Professor of Health and Wellness
cprice Health Professions 306 272-2681
Burgner, Garrett
gburgner Bandy Gymnasium 112/113 272-2504