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eMajor Registration

In order to register as a Dalton State eMajor student, you must be officially admitted to Dalton State, have completed the eMajor Online Introduction Quiz, and been released to self-register per instructions 1-4 at the Getting Started page.

How to find eMajor courses and eMajor registration

  1. You may view the eMajor course schedule on the main eMajor website at the following link:
  2. You will need to find your desired class and the corresponding Course Reference Number (CRN) from the Dalton State “Class Schedule” via the Dalton State website.
    After determining your eMajor classes and obtaining the specific CRN, you can register for classes via myDaltonState.

Please note: although you can view eMajor classes from the eMajor website, you will not be able to log into eMajor until a few days prior to the beginning of the semester.


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