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Welcome to the Dalton State College webpage for the Georgia Film Academy!

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This is an exciting time for the film and TV industry in Georgia.  Our climate, beautiful and varied settings, airport connections to major cities, and tax incentives have put Georgia in third place behind Canada and California as locations with the most film and TV production in North America, and fifth place internationally. Georgia is known as a “Camera Ready State.” The film industry generated $9.5 billion for the Georgia economy in the 2017 fiscal year. Although shows such as The Walking Dead and Stranger Things are well-known as Georgia-based productions, there are thousands more, such as Marvel movies Black Panther and Ant Man.

However, the growth of the film industry means a demand for trained “below the line” workers in camera work, editing, makeup, set design, grip work, and electrical wiring. The Georgia Film Academy was created as a joint venture of the University System and the Technical College System to develop a structured, credit-based way to prepare workers for the film industry.

In April 2017, faculty at Dalton State agreed to enter into a partnership with the Georgia Film Academy.  Now, students who want to learn more about, and possibly work in, the film industry in Georgia can earn an 18-hour certification from the Georgia Film Academy (GFA) while still enrolled as Dalton State students.  This certification will open doors in the film industry.

Along with earning the certification from GFA, you can use those hours in pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication.  The 18 hours from the GFA plus 42 hours in upper-level communication constitute your junior and senior years. However, students in the program can begin taking the GFAC courses in their sophomore year.

The seven courses offered by the Georgia Film Academy are:

GFAC 1000: GFA Course 1: Introduction to On-Set Film Production (6 hours)

GFAC 2000: GFA Film & Television Production Internship Course (6 hours)

GFAC 2010: GFA Specialty Craft Course – Set Construction & Scenic Painting (6 hours)

GFA 2020: GFA Specialty Craft Course – Lighting & Electric (6 hours)

GFA 2030: GFA Specialty Craft Course – Grip & Rigging (6 hours)

GFA 2040: GFA Specialty Craft Course -- Post-Production/AVID Editing (6 hours)

GFA 2050: GFA Specialty Craft Course -- Special Effects Make-up (6 hours)

As a GFA student, in your first semester you will take GFA 1000 one day a week. This course, as are the others, is taught either at the Academy in Fayetteville, Georgia, or at the newly developed “Northern Hub” facility in Gwinnett County. Both facilities are used by legendary Pinewood Studios.  All classes meet for a full day of six hours, once a week.  You can possibly take other classes on campus or online during your GFA semesters.

In your following semesters, you will take either one or two craft courses, depending on what your schedule allows. Competitive internships are also available but not guaranteed.

These courses are designed to prepare you for working on film sets in various capacities.  This is not the same as a “film school.”  The goal is to earn a certification to help you get work in the film and TV industry in conjunction with your bachelor’s degree in communication. 

To enroll in these classes or get more information, contact Dr. Barbara Tucker, 706.272.4411 or


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