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Honors Program

The Honors Program provides students at Dalton State with an exciting opportunity to join a community of students committed to academic excellence in the classroom and engagement on campus by planning and participating in co-curricular activities. Join the Honors Program and become a campus leader! 

Benefits of being part of the Honors Program include:

  • Priority registration
  • Mentorship from faculty on the Honors Council 
  • Stimulating and challenging curriculum culminating in an Honors-designated degree
  • Social networking with a tight-knit group of students 
  • Participation in both co-curricular and social events planned by fellow Honors students
  • Leadership opportunities on campus

Search our website to learn more about the Honors Program.  For more information, email us at or call 706-272-2516.

There are several requirements students must meet in order to join the Honors Program and retain their membership. Incoming students must have a minimum unweighted high school GPA of 3.5. In order to be an Honors Program graduate, students must complete at least 24 hours of Honors-designated courses over the course of their studies at Dalton State, participate in at least three co-curricular events per semester, and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5 in all college coursework. 

The Honors Program can have a positive impact on your college experience and future opportunities.

  • Priority registration can help you be more successful in college by allowing you to get the classes that you need at the times most convenient for your schedule. 
  • Faculty mentors can also contribute to your success by providing:
    • Valuable advice
    • Expert feedback
    • Personalized encouragement as you progress through college
  • Being part of an Honors cohort will allow you to develop a sense of community with your fellow Honors students as you take classes together, share experiences, form study groups, and bond over your collective journey in the program. 
  • Becoming involved on campus can contribute to success in college as you:
    • Develop leadership skills
    • Network with people who can help you be more successful
    • Make a positive impact on the campus community

All of these benefits are available to honors students at Dalton State.

Accept the invitation: Students will be invited to participate in the Honors Program and should follow the instructions in their invitation to complete their registration for the program. 

Complete curricular requirements: In order to graduate with Honors, students must complete 24 credit hours of Honors-designated courses while completing the requirements for their chosen degree program.

Participate in co-curricular programs:

  • Each Fall
    • Welcome Back Kickoff
    • 9/11 Day of Service
  • Each Spring
    • Last Lecture
    • The Big Event (day of student-run service projects)
  • With your cohort
    • Year One
      • Fall: Navigating campus and its resources workshop
      • Spring: Mental health workshop
    • Year Two
      • Fall: Balancing it all workshop
      • Spring: Diversity workshop
    • Year Three
      • Fall: Emotional intelligence workshop
      • Spring: Values workshop
    • Year Four
      • Fall: Involvement and building your resume
      • Spring: Etiquette Dinner

Honors Program 9/11 Day of Service

INTERESTED in the Honors Program? WHAT’S NEXT?

Check your email/mail for an invitation from and follow the instructions.

Contact Us

Jeff Stanley, Ph.D.
Coordinator, Honors Program
Office: Lorberbaum Hall 262


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