You must complete the eCore withdrawal process in order to be withdrawn / dropped from your eCore course.
*Please consult with Financial Aid (706.272.4545) prior to dropping your course, as there could be an impact on your status.
*Failure to complete the withdrawal process may result in receiving an F for the course.

1) eCore Drop / Withdrawal Process
You must complete the eCore Withdrawal Form at the following link (

2) Timeline
Please allow a week for the change to be reflected on your schedule. The withdrawal will not show for 48 hours in the withdrawal database; therefore, there may be some gap time in processing. Your withdrawal is processed based on the submission date.  You are responsible for checking your withdrawal status via your Dalton State schedule (Roadrunner Portal – What is my course schedule). If your course is not dropped within a week of submission, then please send Holli Goodwin ( an email regarding your status.

Additional eCore Assistance
 If you need further assistance, please call the eCore Help Line at 678.839.5300 or