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Welcome to the Wright School of Business at Dalton State. Faculty and professional staff are a valuable resource to help you achieve your academic and career goals over the next few years. Being successful in your academic and career goals requires planning from the beginning. We provide a proposed schedule of course offerings and degree progression charts by major and minor as resources. Full-time bachelor degree students are advised to complete course work over eight semesters, completing 15 credits each term. It is especially important that you come to each advising session prepared to make your advising process flow smoothly and not delay your graduation.



In the text box above is a course description of MNGT 4701 Strategic Management from the DSC catalog.  You'll see "prerequisites" listed below the description.  It is important to know where to locate course prerequisites and understand what they mean.  Courses must be taken in the proper sequence so you have an understanding of the material you need to be successful in subsequent courses.  There are NO exceptions to prerequisites and you must complete these courses before enrolling.

You also note from this catalog description above that the Strategic Management course must be taken at DSC in the student's final semester (the graduating semester).  The codes mean the course is offered in F (Fall) and S (Spring).  You will note that this course is not offered in the summer.

For this example, let's review the prerequisites.  Be aware, classes with prerequisites require the successful completion of other classes first. These are the classes would delay your scheduled graduation. So for this example, prerequisites are:

  • BUSA 3701- Professional Development
  • FINC 3056- Principles of Finance
  • LSCM 3251- Principles of Supply Chain MNGT
  • MARK 3010- Principles of Marketing
  • MNGT 3051- Principles of Management

All five prerequisite courses must be completed (no co-requisites - meaning you cannot take either of these five courses at the same time you take Strategic Management) with a grade of “C” or higher before you may enroll in Strategic Management. In addition, an approved graduation application is also required to be able to register for MNGT 4701.


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**Your first advising appointment must be face to face with an academic advisor. Both the advisor and the student share responsibility to ensure the advising sessions are positive experiences.