Hire a WSOB Student or Graduate

Exciting things are happening at the Wright School of Business and we do not want you to miss them.  These events include the reopening of the newly expanded Memorial Hall, home of the Wright School of Business, an alumni basketball game scheduled earlier this February, and in fall 2019 we will celebrate 20 years of business bachelor’s degrees with a business speaker series.

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We appreciate your support of Dalton State College and the Wright School of Business. 

We offer six BBA degrees in accounting, finance and applied economics, management, marketing, management information systems, and logistics and supply chain management.  Our students can minor in business analytics, entrepreneurship, forensic accounting, human resources management, and international business. 

To help you locate the perfect business student as an intern, part-time or full-time career employee, we simply ask you to email the job description and detail on how you want the students to apply (typically they will e-mail you a resume and cover letter of interest) to our Assistant Dean, Professor Jamie Connors at jconnors@daltonstate.edu. She will "blast" out the job announcement to students by major or classification (freshman and sophomores or juniors and senior).  Professor Connors also works with Ms. Mallory Safley, our DSC Assistant Director for Career and Professional Development, who will also post the job and career openings to "Purple Briefcase" our on-line portal accessible by all current DSC students and alumni.   

We typically ask that you let us know in two weeks if you don't receive the pool of applications you need and we'll re-send the e-mail.  Also let us know when the position is filled and how our DSC WSOB students are performing.  Again we appreciate the opportunity to work with you to fill your entry-level business employee needs.

Are you available to speak to a class or business club?  Would you host a student for a half or full-day in a job shadowing experience?  Would you open your facility for a plant tour or site visit?  Please also e-mail Professor Connors at jconnors@daltonstate.edu.  These experiences are so important to prepare our WSOB student for the world of work and professionalism. As an alumni, you are always welcome to use our own online career services to find a new job. 

Do you have an MBA degree and are interested in teaching part-time in the WSOB?  Please send your resume and cover letter of interest to our Associate Dean, Dr. Mike D’Itri at mditri@daltonstate.edu.  Look at our catalog and let us know which courses interest you most.

Finally, do you support the good work of the WSOB?  We’d appreciate any financial contribution to continue our standards of business education excellence.  Your kind contribution will be used to support student engagement in innovative and impactful activities to augment their in-class experiences.

Please make your tax deductible contribution to the General Fund for the Wright School of Business below: