Dual Enrollment

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Definition: student who is in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade and wishes to take college courses. Complete courses would apply toward both high school and college credit.  

Application Process:

The deadlines* for dual enrolled students to be registered for on-campus classes at Dalton State's main campus each semester are as follows. Please note that in order to register for classes, students must first be fully admitted to Dalton State. Please allow at least two weeks between completion of application file and the registration deadline.

Fall Semester - July 1
Spring Semester - December 1
Summer Semester - May 1

*Deadlines may be changed or extended as necessary. Please contact us if you have any questions about deadlines.

A dual enrollment applicant must submit the following items in order to be considered for admission:


A dual enrollment applicant must meet ALL of the listed admission requirements:

Minimum High School Requirements

  • 3.0 grade point average in Required High School Curriculum coursework
  • Successful completion of the 9th grade
  • Must be on-track toward the completion of the USG Required High School Curriculum (RHSC) and high school graduation requirements.

Minimum Test Requirements

  • ACT
    • Minimum composite score of 20
    • 19 English
    • 21 Math
  • Old SAT (taken prior to March 2016)
    • Minimum SAT score of 970 (combined Critical Reading and Math)
    • 450 Critical Reading
    • 500 Math
  • New SAT (taken March 2016 or later)
    • 25 Reading
    • 530 Math
    • Students taking the new SAT must present scores that meet or exceed the equivalent of 970 (combined Critical Reading + Math) on the old SAT. This determination will be made by converting a student’s new SAT Reading test score to the comparable old SAT Critical Reading section score and converting the new SAT Math test score to the comparable old SAT Math section score. The sum of those two scores must meet or exceed the old SAT 970 minimum.

Students may wish to use the College Board’s New SAT to Old SAT Score Converter to determine if their new SAT scores meet or exceed the equivalent of the 970 minimum on the old SAT. Once the new SAT scores are converted to the comparable old SAT scores using the converter, students should add together the Critical Reading and Math section scores only (the Writing section score should not be included).

*About the redesigned SAT: 

Dalton State will accept the redesigned SAT beginning summer 2016. Redesigned scores will be converted to old scores for admission evaluation purposes. The two-digit Reading test score will be used to create a Critical Reading score and the Math section score will be used to create a Math score. Concordance information can be found via College Board. Students taking the new SAT must have a minimum 25 on the Reading Test and a minimum 530 on the Math Section and 26.5 on the Math Test.

Satisfactory Academic Progress:
All students must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in order to be eligible for Dual Enrollment. SAP will be determined upon acceptance and reviewed at the end of every term. SAP is defined as a minimum cumulative course completion rate of 67% and a minimum GPA of 2.0. Failure to meet SAP in any term will result in removal from the program for any future terms.

For more information, contact Katherine Logan.

Katherine Logan,
Director of Admissions,
Enrollment Services
Dalton State College
650 College Drive,
Dalton, GA 30720
Phone: 706-272-4524
Fax: 706-272-2530

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What is Dual Enrollment?
What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual Enrollment Requirements

Types of Dual Enrollment
Types of Dual Enrollment