Home-Schooled/Non-Accredited High School

Definition: A student who has graduated from a home school program or a non-accredited high school has special requirements. Dalton State College offers a number of paths to admission for these applicants. To be accepted, an applicant must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. SAT I or ACT Composite Score at or above Dalton State’s average score for first time freshman from the previous year’s fall semester.
    Minimum Scores: SAT I Composite of 960 or higher; ACT Composite of 20 or higher
  2. Passing GED Scores
  3. Diploma from a regionally accredited home study program such as the American School or Seton Home Study School
  4. Diploma from a school accredited by the:

Students meeting one or more of the above criteria will be considered Beginning Freshman.

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