Requirements Overview


Before applying to Dalton State, future students should read and understand the requirements for admission. Find the category that best describes you and click the link for specific requirements.

Beginning Freshman:

Applicant who has earned a high school diploma from an accredited school or passed the GED within the past five years and has never attended another college or university.


Applicant who has attended another college or university.


Applicant currently attending another college or university and wishes to attend Dalton State for one semester and then return to their home institution.

Non-Traditional Freshman:

Applicant who has graduated from high school (or whose graduating class completed high school) five or more years ago and has never attended another college or university. Non-traditional applicants who have previously attended another college or university should meet the admission requirements for transfer students.


In Georgia, the Dual Enrollment Program allows eligible students to experience college courses and begin their college academic career while still in high school. The state will fund up to 30 credit hours for dual enrollment students.


Applicant wanting to attend college classes without earning credit.


Applicant who already holds a Baccalaureate degree and does not want to earn another degree from Dalton State.

International Student:

Applicant who is a non-US citizen educated outside the United States and is seeking an I-20 for the purpose of obtaining an F-1 student visa.

Former Student: 

Applicant who has previously attended Dalton State but has not attended during any of the last three semesters.

Home-Schooled/Non-Accredited High School:

Applicant who completed high school graduation requirements under a home school program or graduated from a non-accredited high school.