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All members of Roadrunner Nation have a role and responsibility in giving back to their community through advocacy, civic engagement, or volunteerism. Students can recognize their civic potential and take initiative to develop it by becoming educated on social issues and serving the individuals for whom those issues are a reality. Student Life connects students with individual and collaborative actions designed to identify and address social issues locally, nationally, and globally.

Students Advocating for Volunteer Efforts

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SAVE Leaders are a group of students committed to creating and hosting programs designed to identify and address social issues locally, nationally, and globally.

All students are eligible to participate in programs hosted by SAVE.  Students may also apply to serve on one of four committees. Serving on a committee provides students with practical opportunities to develop leadership capacity and apply leadership awareness, knowledge, competencies, and skills.

To learn more about programs offered through SAVE, you can explore each of the committees and their offerings by clicking one of the options below to expand the details: 

The Alternative Break Experience

Alternative Breaks strive to connect and send groups of Dalton State students to engage in affordable community-based service projects. During this break from class, students are provided the opportunity to learn about the problems faced by members of communities with whom they may otherwise have had little to no direct contact.

This immersion in diverse environments enables students to experience, discuss, and understand social issues in a significant way encouraging them to act in their own communities.

You can check-out upcoming trip details by clicking on one of the following: 

  • Alternative Fall Break Trips
  • Alternative Spring Break Trip
  • Summer Trips

Why You Should Attend An Alternative Break Trip

  1. You Make New Friends and Build Lasting Relationships.
    Alternative Break Trips help you connect with a variety of students from across campus whom you may have not otherwise connected with. These connections often develop into new friendships. Who knows, you may leave the trip with a life long friend.  
  2. You are encouraged to stretch out of your comfort zone. 
    Many trips will be working with individuals or groups who are facing social issues you may not be comfortable with i.e. homelessness, food insecurity, etc. This is okay and often our natural response. These trips are designed to be educational in nature and provide a safe space for you to have hands on learning with whatever social issue the trip is focused on. 
  3. Each trip takes you on a new adventure. 
    Whether you have never traveled outside of your home county or you have stepped foot on all seven continents, each trip is a new adventure and allows you to travel with a new perspective. You will learn about a new place, engage in language and cultural exploration, and participate in a number of service project that allow you to connect with the "local" community we are serving. 
  4. Projects Provide Hands On Learning and Skill Development.
    These trips will be a positive step forward for your personal and professional development. You will develop soft skills associated with teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, adaptability, and flexibility. 
  5. Each participant will receive approved volunteer hours. 
    Participants will have the opportunity to learn about relevant social issues as well as complete service projects that make a direct impact on those issues. Volunteer experience gives your resume the hands on experience you need to stand out in any application or interview. (Weekend Trips: 14+ Hours; Week Long Trips: 30+ Hours) 

Previous Alternative Break Trips

Alternative Break trips go across the country. The map below represents Alternative Break Trips from 2009-present. 



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