Campus Life

Fitness Classes

Bandy Gym Dress Code & Facility Policies:
Appropriate athletic apparel is required during activities in fitness area and gym floor.

  1. Shirts must be worn at all times.
    • Entire upper body must be covered.
    • Sleeves must cover your shoulders.
    • If you cut the sleeves off of a shirt, the sleeves must be cut along the sleeve stitching.
    • A shirt can be no more than 4 inches below your armpit.
    • No skin should touch the machines.
    • Exceptions:
      • Basketball players may wear basketball jerseys on gym floor.
      • Yoga and Stretching/Ab type classes
  2. Shorts must cover your entire buttocks area.
  3. Shoes
    • Must wear closed toe shoes in fitness area.
    • Must wear non-marking athletic shoes on gym floor.
    • No muddy shoes allowed in fitness area or gym floor.

NO bare feet allowed in fitness area or gym floor. Exceptions: Yoga and Stretching/Ab type classes.
NO jeans should be worn while using the fitness center.
NO gum, food, or drinks allowed in the fitness center or gym floor.

*Drinks must be in a sealable, spill proof plastic container.

Summer 2017 Fitness Classes

All classes are a tech free zone for 100% participation.
Check-in at fitness center located in Bandy Gym.
You are responsible for what you think you can or cannot do in all classes.

Relaxation Yoga, Foam Rollers, & Meditation: 
Feeling stressed? Need to relax? Tired or sore muscles? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this class is for you! During this class, you will perform beginning yoga poses to relax and stretch out your body, learn how to use a foam roller to relieve tired and sore muscles, and practice meditation to rest the mind. This class is a great way to end your busy day!

    • Wednesday's from June 28th-July 19th (4 classes)
    • 5:00-5:30 pm
  • WHERE: Bandy Gym or possibly outside
  • EQUIPMENT: Mats are provided, but you can bring your own. Limited foam rollers. Try a class before purchasing your own foam roller.
  • INSTRUCTOR: Anne Loughren, AFAA personal trainer and yoga instructor

For appointments or questions, email Anne Loughren.
Assistant Director of Fitness 
AFAA personal trainer and yoga instructor