Campus Life


Conduct Appeals Traffic/Parking Appeals
Grade Appeals Title IX Appeals
Campus Events   
DSC Event Insurance Policy Food Safety Form
Event & Facility Request Instructions for RSOs Reservable Room Details
Event & Facility Request Form: Student Life Events | Fraternity and Sorority Life EventsEmployee Events Room Set-Up Options
Event Planning Guide Alcohol at Event Policy 
Facility Policies and Procedures  
Freedom of Expression   
Policy | General Information about Freedom of Speech Forum Reservation Request (Freedom of Expression)
Budget Request Form (Sample) - CLOSED SGA Request for Funding: RSOs or Academic Student Travel (Sample)
The last day to request funding is 4/7/2023
Fundraiser Completion Form (Sample)  
Policies and Procedures   
Campus Advertising, Sales, & Solicitation Policy Posting and Publicity Policy
Hardship Withdrawal Policy & Request Form Sexual Misconduct Policy
Max Gruver Act  Student Activity Fee Policy
Minors on Campus Policy Student Code of Conduct
Motor Vehicle Use Policy  
Student Life Purchase Form (Sample Form)
Last day to make a purchase Request is April 30, 2024
Prize Form
Petty Cash:  Advance Form | Receipt Form  
Annual Report: FY19, FY20, FY21; FY22, FY23 NSLVE Campus Reports: 2014; 2016; 2018; 2020; 2022
Biennial Review: 2017; 2019 , 2021 #RealCollege Reports: 2021
DSC Vehicle Reservation Form Student Travel: Travel Request | Travel Expense Reimbursement
Meal Per Diem Rates: In-State | Out of State Employee Travel: Payment Requests
Student Travel Registration and Waiver (Sample) Mileage Rates for CY2023
The Nest  
Appliance Rental Request - $25 per semester Food Request Form - Rapid Pickup
Community Resources  
Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)  
New RSOs:  ApplicationSample Application  | Constitution Template RSO Budget Balances: Fundraiser Accounts | SGA RSO Annual Budgets Fee Funded Departmental Budgets
Event Attendance: URL  RSO Leadership Change Form
Event Completion Form RSO Handbook - Revised September 2022
Meeting Resources: Roberts Rules of Order | Chairing a Meeting with Confidence Tiered Recognition Status 
RSO Annual Registration (Sample Form) - Not Needed Fall 2023  
Other Forms/Resources  
CashCourse- Free Student Finance Tools FERPA Form/Personal Information Release
Marketing Request Form