Campus Life

Want to Join Cab?


(must have been in CAB for at least one semester)

  • Supervise all chairs
  • Responsible for tracking all of the chairs office hours and submitting report to advisor
  • Meeting with all chairs each week and turning in weekly reports with chair updates
  • Help all chairs plan and critically think about the events that they are planning
  • Meet with Advisor every week
  • Attend all major events
  • Lead weekly CAB Group Meetings
  • Creating agenda for meetings
  • Responsible for 3 hours in the CAB office
  • Participate in student work evaluations as scheduled each semester.

Assistant Director:

  • Work with Marketing Chair to create all posters and assist with marketing efforts.
  • Share all posters with advisor before posting
  • Practice sound fiscal processes with the CAB budget.
  • Assist with event Assessment- create assessments after each major programming week and diversity event
  • Meet with advisor each week
  • Record minutes for group meetings
  • Responsible for planning and executing WOW Final event, Fall Family Festival and Culminating Event of Spring Fling
  • Assist the Office of Student Life with other events as needed.
  • Complete other duties as assigned by the Director, Assistant Director, or CAB Advisor

Social Programs Coordinator: (2)

  • Week of Welcome: Programs that occur the first week of class
  • Freak Week: Halloween Programs
  • Food for Finals: Midnight Breakfast for the first day of Finals

Fall Semester: August and September

  • The social coordinator is responsible for all of CAB’s Week of Welcome events. This individual will implement the events during the first week of class and the month of September. The co-chair will assist with all events and is the right hand of the social programs coordinator.

Fall Semester: October, November and December

  • This position is responsible for Freak Week, Food For Finals and any additional events that they choose to plan during these if budget allows.

Cultural Awareness Coordinator

  • Complete other duties as assigned by the Director, Assistant Director, or CAB Advisor.
  • Work with the Marketing Director to maintain current publicity in assigned areas. Awareness Months that highlight diversity on this campus- collaborations are important
  • Other FUN Awareness Issues – 2 Cultural Awareness Events a month

This position needs to be able to program a many different diverse groups on campus. Not just the group that they represent.

Recreation Coordinator:

Fall Semester: The individual holding this position should focus on creating tournaments in the game room and doing an outdoor event in August or September. In addition, finding other sporting events to

  • Tournaments/Games (4/semester)
    • Game Room
    • Ping Pong
    • Billiards
    • Whiffle Ball, Dodge Ball, etc.
    • Video Games
  • March Madness- work with campus rec
  • Outside events (i.e. Bongo Ball, Rock Climbing Wall, Zip Line, etc.)
  • Work with Athletics to tailgate soccer and basketball games

Street Team Coordinator:

  • Street Team Recruitment
    • Planning recruitment sessions
  • Street Team Retention
  • Maintaining constant contact with the Street Team
  • Working with Marketing Director concerning recruitment materials.
  • Responsible for the CAB table at the RSO Fair and Orientation Resource Fair
  • Street Team Meetings
    • Preside over monthly Street Team Meetings.
    • Organize volunteers for ALL events.
    • Coordinate volunteer attendance.
    • Coordinate volunteer schedules.