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Leadership Consultation & Coaching

Student Life realizes leadership is a complex combination of experiences, lessons, challenges, and self-exploration that occur throughout a lifetime. Therefore, we have created a Leadership Consultation & Coaching program for both individuals and student groups.  By participating in the Leadership Consultation and Coaching process, participants will: 

  • Gain and improve personal leadership knowledge and skills;
  • Increase self-awareness through exploration of values, beliefs, and identity;
  • Understand one’s role within the larger community to become engaged, global, and ethical leaders.

Visual outline of coaching process. The same four steps are outlined in the text to the right of the image.

Steps for participating in this program include: 

  1. Scheduling an appointment with the Assistant Director for Leadership and Civic Engagement here.
  2. The individual or leadership team for the group will then attend the initial consultation meeting to reflect on existing leadership experiences and areas of potential growth. 
  3. The individual or student group will complete a facilitated leadership development workshop or an assigned leadership assessment with a trained consultant. 
  4. The individual or leadership team will work with Student Life Staff to create a personalized leadership development plan and set goals based on the designed plan.  

For more information on the opportunities outlined, please contact Student Life at 706.272.4428.