Resident Assistant

Resident Assistant (RA)

The Resident Assistant (RA) position is a paraprofessional job (requiring approximately 19.5 hours of work per week) with a high level of responsibility. The RA lives on a hall of 16 – 50 residents and assumes primary responsibility for responding to the personal needs of those residents, for shaping an environment that supports academic and personal development, and for managing critical administrative tasks, including duty and crisis management. The RA receives direct supervision and training from the Head Resident and Assistant Director and is part of a staff team.

We believe the RA position is one of the most crucial positions in our department. For this reason, we want to select individuals whose skills, interests, and experience are best suited for this challenging and gratifying position. Selection decisions are based on information from the application, interview process, and references.

All candidates should read and understand the below documents. The Position Description and Conditions of Employment shown here are part of a contract between Residential Life and the current Resident Assistant staff. These documents are only information for candidates but give you important information to consider as a candidate: