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Senior Meal Plan

The Senior Meal Plan is an optional meal plan that senior students in Mashburn Hall can select instead of the mandatory Roadrunner Meal Plan. Students must have 90+ hours earned on their academic transcript prior to the beginning of the semester to qualify for the senior plan. If you would like the optional Senior Meal Plan, please fill out the form below. Once Campus Services has received this form, the students eligibility will be checked, and the student will receive email confirming eligibility. If a student has already been charged for a Roadrunner Meal Plan, their bill will be adjusted once they have received their confirmation email.

I understand that my Dalton State record will be checked to ensure I qualify for the Senior Meal Plan. If I do not qualify for the Senior Meal Plan I will still be required to have the Roadrunner Meal Plan as part of my residency in Mashburn Hall. I understand my participation in the Senior Meal Plan is not official until I have received email confirmation from Campus Services that I qualify. By submitting the information below, I agree to the terms above. 

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