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Celebrate Boldy: Student Looks Back on 50th Celebration

*Note: This guest blog post was written by Zack Brandenburg, a communication major and student worker in the Office of Marketing and Communications. 

Dalton State just turned 50 years old. Wow! I was asked to join the Celebrations Committee a while back. I didn't know that I would play such a large role in the College's history. Our first task was to plan the inauguration last fall for Dr. Margaret Venable as the fifth president of the College. As a Roadrunner, that was the first time I had felt so much pride, love, and accomplishment. But my job wasn't finished. 

This past week we hosted a party on the quad to celebrate Dalton State's 50th birthday. I saw people from all backgrounds, and people of all ages come together.  We all had one thing in common.... our love for Dalton State! This was the best night I have experienced here at Dalton State during my two years as a student.

Members of the original basketball team shared stories about their days here, and shook hands with their former coach, Melvyn Ottinger. I also heard their excitement about the 2015 NAIA National Championship team and where they want to see the basketball program go from here. 

I spoke with one woman who had gone to school here and had hopes her son would follow in her footsteps. She remembered fondly her days studying health care. 

There is nothing like the love we have for Roadrunner Nation.

Because of this experience, my love for this place has grown, and it will continue to grow. 

Hearing stories and looking back, it's amazing to see what has happened in 50 years. 

Dalton State has given me so much the past two years, and I will return this favor. When we celebrate 100 years of Roadrunner Nation, I hope to be the one to open this time capsule.  (Or at least be there when it's opened.

I appreciate everyone who took time to share their stories with me. I will cherish this memory forever. It has been 50 great years here at Dalton State! Here's to 50 more!

Celebrate Boldly, Roadrunners.

posted 09/27/2017 in Roadrunner Nation

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