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Ethics in the Real World: Business Leaders Speak to Students

There's not always an immediate connection between what is being taught in the classroom and how it applies to the real world, but Ben Laughter, a lecturer in the Wright School of Business, is making sure his business ethics students see that connection. 

Laughter invites several leaders from government, academia, and the business world to speak with his class about ethics, and how the concepts reviewed in class are used daily by these professionals. 

Recently Ralph Boe, president of ArrowStar and executive in residence for the Wright School of Business, spoke to the class about his philosophy on business: It takes every member of a business to make it successful. He also spoke on his background in chemistry and how he moved into the business sector instead of being a research chemist. He actually earned a doctorate in physical chemistry from the University of Maryland before moving into a business role. 

Lynn Laughter, chair of the Whitfield County Board of Commissioners and owner of Laughter and Jones Financial Management, spoke to her husband's class about her background as a banker and a volunteer in the community and how it led her to the positions she holds today. She also shared some ethical problems she faces on a daily basis, including people who don't believe women should lead a government and speaking with clients' families after a client's death. 

"It is good for the students to hear these people say the same things we have been reading in the textbook and discussing in lectures," Ben Laughter said. 

Giving students access to speak with successful business people also helps our students decide what path to take in the business world after they graduate. 

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