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Think Fast: College Hosts Trivia Competition

Have you ever wondered how much the boulder on the quad weighs? Or how much tuition cost the year Dalton State opened?

These questions were answered during the high energy, TV-style "Think Fast" trivia game in celebration of the Dalton State Trivia Book launch. Hosted by the Dean of Students Office, Roberts Library, and the Dalton State Foundation, students, faculty, staff, and the community shared their knowledge of the College and showed off their talent as well.

Participants formed teams and showed off their knowledge on the history of the College as well as singing, dancing, and sales and debate skills.  

The energy was high as participants clapped, high-fived, and cheered their teammates on. They took their knowledge of the College to a whole new level.

Finally narrowing down to four teams, students went head-to-head in a speed round where all questions focused on the College's history. The winning team left with a $200 cash prize.

The contest was centered around the trivia book that was written by the late Dr. Kris Barton and students in his upper level communication class.

At the end of the night, everyone left feeling good along with broader knowledge of their college. 

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