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CSI Roadrunner Nation

The scenarios were made up. The crime scenes were fake. But the lessons learned in Lt. Chip Whitfield's Crime Scene Investigation class are real. Whitfield divided the class into three teams to process and investigate crime scenes around campus.

Students are briefed on the situation. Little information is known and victims are in the hospital unable to be interviewed. They must rely on evidence retrieved to solve the crime.

These students are being taught by Whitfield, who works full-time as a lieutenant at the Dalton Police Department and as a part-time criminal justice professor. He gives them tips, advice, and techniques he has experienced while investigating actual crime scenes.

Students learn to search so thoroughly they can find a shell casing in a landscaped area after sundown. (Call on them if you lose a contact or your keys!)

The students learn to work as a team, when to lead and when to follow, when to question and when to listen. Crimes are not solved alone.

They discuss strategies for searching and communicate to make sure all areas are searched properly.

The students document everything with photos.

And they begin putting together theories about what happened. Shots were fired from there. People ran this way. A stabbing occurred here.

It's better than CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

This is CSI: Roadrunner Nation.

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