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Students Present Undergraduate Research

Dalton State not only gives students a chance to participate in undergraduate research, but to present their findings, too. 

Students representing different disciplines presented the research they they've spent all year working on to a panel of students, staff, and faculty during the Third Annual Undergraduate Research Forum hosted by the STM pre-health studies and biotechnology students. 

The showcase ranged from undergraduate students showing their research on the effects of face wash on acne to antibiotic susceptibility and resistance. 

Students from the School of Science, Technology, and Mathematics; the Wright School of Business, and the School of Liberal Arts participated. 

Those giving oral presentations were: 

• Jessica Rangle and Jessica McClure - "Comparing Antimicrobial Acne Medications"

• Megan Ensley - "Designing a Protocol to Test the Benefits of Prebiotics for Gut Probiotics"

• Scott Beck - "Below the Surface: How Humanism and Social Learning Make Sense of Our World"

• Ivan Delgado, Marshal Jones, Dr. Aisha Meeks and Dr. David L. Williams - "Are Bankers’ Perceptions of the Implications of Litigation-Related Clauses Consistent with Regulators and Standard Setters?"

Those who presented posters were: 

• Haley Johnson and Haley McKinney - "Testing Antibiotic Susceptibility and Resistance in 11 Species of Bacteria"

• Rin Pell and Kristin Price - "Phytoremediation of Contaminated Ecosystems by Selection of Heavy Metals Resistance Plants from Cell Culture Lines"

• Daley Harrison - "Survey of Amphibians in an Urban Northwest Georgia Wetland"

• Zoe Holcomb - "Missing Myostatin in Cattle"

• Kalea Ingram - "Transgenic Animals in Society"

• Alana Strawser - "Seeing Double?"

• Emylee Carlock: "Nanomedicine"

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