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Dalton State College Cares: A Student's Perspective

*Note: The following guest blog was written by student Aubrie Pankau, a communication major who interned in the Office of Marketing and Communications fall semester. 

I matter to Dalton State College.

Many college students struggle with balancing work, classes, paying for classes, homework, and having a social life. With graduation looming over our heads, we wonder how we are going to make it in the real world. Dalton State College faculty and staff have solutions for all of these issues.

How to Pay for College

Out of college with no debt? For most people this sounds like a fairytale, but DSC is one of the most affordable colleges in the nation. And students graduate from Dalton State with less debt than graduates from other four-year public schools. This is a BOLD statement for a college, when most tuition rates are increasing exponentially. I know people who go to more expensive schools because they think they will receive a better education. After they graduate, they are swamped with debt that will take years to pay off.

With good grades and financial aid, you may not have to apply for student loans here. Apply for as many scholarships as you can. Faculty and staff know that college is expensive, so they lower costs by providing options to costly textbooks. There are people here that can show you how to get scholarships and how to apply for financial aid.

Faculty Care

DSC knows that it is not just about the financial situation for students. College classes are tough, so the faculty and staff work to help students. If there are problems with classes and homework, always talk to your professor. I’ve had some professors grade harder on grammar mistakes, but others care more about the content. Professors want to help you succeed, but you have to ask them for help.

Ask questions. It is OK not to know all the answers. When you ask questions about assignments it can help you not get blindsided by a bad grade. If you are struggling with bad grades go to the labs, such as the writing lab or math lab, or get a free tutor. I’ve had to go to the writing lab multiple times to get help with papers, or to the library to get help with source material. These services are offered because college can be hard.

Academic and personal counseling services are also offered. Employees can answer any questions from financial aid, changes in your major, and more. We also have personal counselors on campus if you ever feel too overwhelmed.

Personal Campus, Not Just a Number

Dalton State is growing steadily, but it still has a personal feel to it. I can have personal relationships with my classmates and professors. I can get to know people on a name-to-name basis. I have made some great friends here in the Roadrunner Nation, including one of my best friends and my boyfriend. The people working here care about my graduation and truly want to help me graduate. I am not just another nameless face or number. This is how I know that I matter here.

I chose to come to a college that cares about my success. Dalton State is affordable, and the people here truly want to help students. I am getting a real education that will help me with my future job, and I will look back at the memories I have made here fondly.

All of these reasons are why I chose to “Run Boldly” at Dalton State.

I am proud to be a Roadrunner.

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