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Panel Discusses Do's and Don'ts of Social Media

It's hard to fully realize the impact of a post on social media. 

More and more the news contains stories of people who are under scrutiny and, even fired sometimes, due to a post they made on a personal social media account. Dalton State's Wright School of Business wanted to tackle this in an open forum for students at the College. 

The Wright School of Business invited human resource representatives from several local industries and staffing agencies to speak to students about how posting on social media can impact their chances of being hired. 

In a relaxed, Q&A panel session, HR representatives explained that nothing online is anonymous. Even if a social media account is private, people still take screenshots, and you may have mutual friends. However, social media can be a benefit, too. It can show your social engagement and what you bring to a company. 

Area employers use LinkedIn often to fill positions and encouraged students to sign up for an account to use professionally. 

Their final words of wisdom? Be smart about what you post online. 

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