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College is Hard but Finding a Tutor is Easy

What's better than free tacos? 

Free tacos with a chance to meet tutors at Dalton State, ask them questions, and even schedule tutoring sessions, of course! 

Student support services recently hosted "Tacos with Tutors" to allow students to do just that, have a relaxed lunch with tutors on campus. Students may fear tutoring is stuffy and boring, but that isn't the case. 

One-on-one tutoring is free and available to all students. Students work with the same tutor, once a week during the semester, to master coursework. There are many advantages to having a tutor, including accountability and studying help. 

College can be hard. But there's no reason to drop a class or fail because you have experts ready to help. There's no shame in needing or wanting a tutor. A tutor is available for most courses and certification tests, such as the GACE, or just to help with studying skills. 

Signing up for a tutor is easy. Just visit You can email questions to 

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