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Student Services: I need help. You need help. Everyone needs help!

*The following guest blog was written by Marlen Hernandez Garcia, a communication major. 

I’ve heard that college life isn’t easy. You have probably heard that college life isn’t easy. Is it true? Well, sometimes. Sometimes you will breeze through one class, but you might struggle in another. It is when we struggle that we need the most help, but where do we go for help? Who do we ask? What kind of help can we get? These are important questions, because asking for help can cause anxiety in many college students, including me.

I first started at Dalton State College in 2014 and, although I had gone to college before, everything here was new to me. The people, the professors, the classes, and the struggles. I breezed through math and English my first semester. I felt that I was on top of things. I am smart, I am witty, and I was terrible in biology (all sciences really). My professor was amazing at explaining all aspects of biology, but I was equally amazing at not understanding any of it. I was struggling. I needed help. I didn’t know where to go or who to ask. I was becoming a nervous wreck.

A classmate of mine who was also not doing well came up to me one day and asked me if I wanted to study with him. He was my angel.

We met in Roberts Library and used one of their numerous study rooms. It was quiet, calming, and easily accessible. My partner and I studied for hours in that room, but we realized that we needed someone who was proficient in biology to help us out. We both signed up for tutoring that is offered through the Dean of Students’ Student Services. It was simple! We went in, explained our situation, and they found a tutor that was willing to work with us both.

At this point I was making a C in biology. I couldn’t let that happen. All I could think about was how it would affect my precious GPA! Like some students on campus, I rely on financial aid to pay for college. I couldn’t risk losing it due to a lousy GPA, so I got to work. My partner and I went to weekly tutoring sessions for the rest of the semester and, in the end, it paid off. We both ended up getting an A in biology! My professor was proud of me, my partner was proud of me, and, most importantly, I was proud of me. I gained the skills and confidence to get through my next biology class without the help of a tutor because I had learned how to study, how to take better notes, and how to manage my time. I also learned not to feel awkward about asking for help. I am a good student who struggled in one class, and I got the help I needed. No shame in that.

My story is unique to me but not to Student Services. The department offers a variety of assistance programs to students here on campus, such as:

  • Career and Professional Development

As students we all want to graduate and get a job, but it is tough if we do not have the skills such as resume building, interview etiquette, or the ability to network. Well, do not fear! The Career and Professional Development department can help. They offer one-on-one resume building sessions, interview workshops, and they have recently launched Purple Briefcase, an online platform for students to connect and engage with employers. Check it out!

  • Disability Services

Have a physical or mental condition that limits life activities? Disability services can help provide you equal access to success here at Dalton State College. They offer accommodations such as extended test time, American Sign Language interpreters, materials in a variety of formats, and so much more! They can also offer limited time services. For example, last semester my friend injured her leg and was on a crutch for weeks! Disability services granted her a handicapped parking pass which helped her greatly. If you need help don’t hesitate to contact them.

  • Math/Science and Writing Lab

Struggling in math? Failing biology? Head to the Math and Science Lab located in 219 Sequoya Hall. It is staffed by professors and students who can assist you. Check in, sit down, and get some help.

Can’t use a comma? Don’t know how to cite a source? The staff at the Writing Lab located in 315 Liberal Arts Building can help! It is also a great place to study, do homework, or work on a paper. (I’m writing this in the Writing Lab!)

  • Health and Wellness

As we struggle through college it is important to keep our bodies and minds healthy. We can’t just pump five shots of espresso into our bodies or go days without sleeping and expect the best. Dalton State College offers numerous services to restore and maintain both our physical and mental wellness. Want to work out? Hit the Bandy Gym! It also offers numerous fitness program and personal training (which has helped me whip my body into shape!). For those who are more athletic, the department also offers intramural and club sports.

Feeling sick? Go to our new Health Center which also provides a variety of screenings, testing, and aid.

Feeling mentally unhealthy? Health and Wellness has you covered with free counseling!

Need more information? Check them out!

As you can tell, Dalton State offers a variety of programs and services that help students succeed. It’s just up to you and me to go out and seek them. Don’t make college even harder on yourself.

We have a motto here in Roadrunner Nation: Run Boldly. It means something different to every Roadrunner on campus, but to me it means to have no fear. Don't fear a class you are struggling in. Don't fear getting the help you need. Don't fear success. 

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