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Summer Camps Keep Children Engaged All Summer Long

You never know what a day at summer camp will bring.... in this case it's bones. Rodent bones. From an owl pellet. 

Children attending Dalton State's World of Science camp got to experience a variety of activities centered around different types of scientific discovery. One of the most engaging lessons is on different animals' digestive systems, including the owl which eats its prey whole then regurgitates the parts that cannot be digested into what's called an owl pellet. An owl diet can be examined through these pellets. 

World of Science was only one of numerous camps hosted by Dalton State. The ever popular Stream Stomp and Creek Critters returned allowing children to explore the creek on campus and learn about the aquatic life there. 

Students got up close and personal with different species of flies, larva, and even some salamanders and crawfish. 

The Girls in STEM camp brought 22 girls, ages 9-13, a little closer to developing a lifelong love for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Nine of those girls were on need-based scholarships. Dalton State was awarded a grant from the Community Foundation of Northwest Georgia and the Alliance for Innovation and Sustainability to help pay camp fees for girls whose families could not afford to send them to camp. Engineered Floors also donated money to Girls in STEM and the World of Science camps for scholarships.

Girls spent the week learning about different aspects of science, including astronomy. 

They also heard from women in STEM fields. 

And they worked on identifying substances through experiments.  The girls had lessons in biology, microbiology, chemistry, engineering, and more. 

Summer camps are designed to keep children interested and engaged in science and to make them excited to explore it more during the school year. 

There is one more camp planned for the summer, the Nature Exploration Camp at Lakeshore Park

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