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Mashburn Residents Weigh in on Campus Life

Students living in Mashburn Hall all agree there are many benefits of living on campus.

Picture of Briana Langley

"Living on campus has helped me make new friends," said Briana Langley. "I'm from New Hampshire, and I knew no-one when I moved here. When you live on campus, you can walk to class. Living on campus allowed me time to attend different events and join Greek Life. "

Lizette Porras says she likes the community feel and how the residential life staff cares for her well-being and education.

"Living on campus has given me new experiences, a chance to meet new people, and have study buddies," she said. "Mashburn Hall's very helpful staff offered me a job and supported me when I had nowhere else to go."

"Living on campus has given me access to services at all times of the day," said John McClurken. "Where commuter students often go home after class, living on campus makes it easier to run to the library or the gym late in the evening. It has also given me an opportunity to be independent and meet new people. I wanted the full college experience, and living in Mashburn Hall has given me a chance to do that."

Photo of Kelligh Ashley

Kelligh Ashley said living in Mashburn Hall has given her the opportunity to branch out and be independent. She said it has taught her a lot about responsibility and given her the opportunity where to build new life-long friendships.

"More freedom that prepares you for life outside of home builds character," she said.

Photo of Shawniece Abrams

"It's easy to live here and study here. You can be interactive and build your self-confidence because you are living independently," said Shawneice Abrams. "I like joining new groups where I can meet new people and have fun. Meeting people here is easy and the opportunities are endless."

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