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Dalton State Hosts Annual Research Symposium

Students at Dalton State are often exposed to concepts, and even equipment, most students elsewhere wouldn't be exposed to until graduate school. A big portion of that unique experience as an undergraduate comes through the many research opportunities available. The culmination of undergraduate research is a symposium, where students have the opportunity to share their findings. Many students who traveled abroad also present their experience. 

Recently presenting at this year's 8th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium were: 

•  Abraham Bravo, Dalia Hernandez, Karla Sinaloa, and Rosa Bibian - "Tourism in Peru"

• Laura Jackson - "How did the Alien and Seditions Acts Affect the Election of 1800?"

• Maggie Miller - "Connections in All the Light We Cannot See

• Mariela Vazquez, Trini Huijon, and Logan Higgins - "The Alternature Break Experience" 

• Cristina Jacinto - "Generations in the Workforce" 

• Tiffany Beavers - "Eyes to See" 

• James Riley - "The Role of Spies in the American Revolution" 

• Zachary Joslyn - "Doing Business in Peru"

• Jacob Hickman - "Executive Dysfunction: The Relationship Between Health Issues and the  Presidency" 

• Elijah Spencer - "George Washington as a Leader" 

• Brittany Lee - "Progress Toward the Synthesis of Substituted Indoles by Metal-Catalyzed Cycloisomerization" 

• Trenton Harper - "NFL Game Prediction and Market Efficiency"

•  Kensey Wilkey - "Sandra Day O'Connor: The Fight to the Supreme Court"

• Adrian Thompson - "Political Autonomy of the Cherokee Natives"

• Woodrow McEntyre - "Share Repurchases and Their Impact on Firm Performance" 

• Cole Vaughn - "The influence of the Magna Carta on the Founding of  the United States" 

• Santiago Angel - "Combining Sport and Performance: Dramaturgical Identity Enactment among Independent Wrestlers"

• Kendall Waid - "George Washington: More than His Appointments, His Legacy" 

• Katherine Baynes - "Thornton Home Inspections"

• Kensey Wilkey - "The American Revolution: Causes for Freedom" 

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