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Studying in Japan: A Student's Perspective

*Note: This guest blog was written by Jasmine Noke, an accounting major at Dalton State expected to graduate in December of this year. She studied abroad in Japan recently. This is her experience. 

This May I got the extraordinary opportunity to study international business in Japan! I have always wanted to study abroad but never had the means to do so. This summer I was lucky enough to be chosen as a recipient of a Centers for International Business Education and Research grant. You can pick from 10 options, some of which include Africa, Norway, and Russia. I have simply always had a lot of interest in Japan.

Plus, I knew they are the third largest economy in the world despite their extremely small size, and I had to see how they were accomplishing this. I was not let down! 

Throughout the trip, we visited a variety of astounding businesses including: Fuji Film Co., the Japan Travel Bureau, Asahi, Mizkan, Toyota, and so many more! I learned immense amounts about a variety of businesses, how businesses expand internationally, how foreign companies must change their strategies to operate and compete in this completely different environment, and how the Japanese culture itself perpetrates the strong work ethic that pushes them to the top.

But on top of all this, I just had so much fun! Every learning opportunity we had was intriguing and fully immersive.

Plus, we spent multiple days sightseeing, and had the chance every single day to go out and explore after daily group activities were over. I learned so much more than I had ever thought possible in a 10-day trip, and it was an amazing experience I will never forget.

One of the best parts about this experience was coming back and editing my resume. Future employers will not only know that I got picked for this selective program, but they will infer a lot of positive qualities about me solely on my abroad experience. Even if you did not have these traits prior to leaving, they are things you are likely to attain during the experience like: self-reliance, appreciation of diversity, perseverance, flexibility, independence, and the ability to adapt to new and changing situations. I know I enhanced these skills greatly when I went to Japan. Even though it was only 10 days, I do truly feel that this experience has helped me grow into a better person and enhance all of these skills I listed above. 


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